COBH a poem by Francesca Diano

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Cobh Bay


This is a poem from a short collection of poems I wrote in English. Most of them have been written while I lived in Ireland.


Green like dawn among the oaks

green I am – and my throat

thick with moss and heather –

opens to the flush of greenish words.

Green is my smile and leaf-like is my skin

my fingers green grass leaves.

My eyes – a wave – lost in translucent waters

melt into currents and wriggling  sands –

travel beyond  the bay – flooded with stars –

Flatland –where long rows of preying seagulls

keep time beyond the line of time.

The time that fills me, that fills up the banks

of twin skies – reflecting a blue shyness –

bringing together – interlaced fingers – moon and tide.

Around me  dripping of archaic waters

ebullient flashing words.

In their rolling – the clouds – melting the hills

burst with green froth of rhyming waves.

Ogham signs carved into the stone of heaven.

High is the sky and higher still

When I set on my quest – searching the limit

For its primeval sign.

The well of my new path –

gleaming already in its triple spiral.

Listening  – open-eyed – to the song of the light

to the lightning that sets rainbows on fire.

The green sacred Isle that is buried inside –

Sphere of desire.

Nothing will win you back

If not a running – melting sky.


(C) 1998  Francesca Diano. All rights reserved