To my soul – a poem by Francesca Diano

The Goddess Sarasvati – Mysore Painting




I felt ashamed – so they taught me to –

No bound  no tie

Shame is a knife

Feeding on your dreams and flesh

Separating the I from others’ eyes –

Like egg yolk from its white.

It makes you invisible –

Yet boundless – so easy then to melt away

And float over the world

Suspended in a silent cry

Embedded in a river of black stars.


It’s you – my Soul – I’m calling – soul and mother

The only generation I can conceive

Dark origin of a brooding life.

A womb so universal that no birth

Is needed to be born – to see the light.

Black is the colour of light

And darkness is its prize.


Two flowers – one in each hand

On a deep blue cloth

She handed me – in smiling stillness

Both I took to fill the gap between

Me and my words

And suddenly the rage became an ocean

A pouring ocean of words.

They ignited worlds hidden in darkness

Set life afire – painted grey walls

With flashing colours – so that no blackness

Was black any more.

She – the Ruler – the Still One.


(C)2006 by Francesca Diano ALL RIGHTS RESERVED










2 commenti (+aggiungi il tuo?)

  1. Fiorella D'Errico
    Feb 09, 2012 @ 20:16:58

    Francesca, conosco l’inglese ma non così bene da tradurre una poesia in modo da non perderne il sapore originario. Se la dài tu, mi fa piacere. 🙂

    Mi piace


  2. Francesca
    Feb 09, 2012 @ 21:36:07

    Ci provo, perché le mie poesie in inglese nascono in inglese e in genere non le traduco mai in italiano. Ed è strano, perché nonostante io sia una traduttrice, trovo difficile tradurre me stessa, tradurre quello che per me è nato in “quella lingua” e con “quel suono”, tanto che quando mi autotraduco, sia dall’italiano all’inglese, sia dall’inglese all’italiano, spesso riscrivo.
    Te ne mando la traduzione su FB.

    Mi piace



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